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Puri is surrounded by a number of places of tourist attractions in & around Puri. It is one of the corners of the golden triangle of Orissa, Bhubaneshwar and Konark being the other two. Here are a number of fabulous Puri attractions and tourist places in Puri which are capable to make your Puri tourism a superb experience. Puri Travel Guide is vivid with numerous tourist attractions of Puri, making Puri sightseeing is worth do things.


The site for the ravishing Konark temple was built by King Narasimha of the Eastern Ganga dynasty in the thirteenth century and is known today for its exquisite architecture. The temple is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal and signifies the glory of the Sun God. The entire temple is in the form of a chariot for the Sun God with twelve giant wheels depicting the twelve months of a calendar and driven by seven horses resembling the seven days of a week. It has three significant sections known as the Sanctrum with images of the sun god, Natya mandir or the area where the devadasis used to perform their dances and Jagamohana. Mayadevi Temple and Vaishnava temple has also been discovered near the main temple. A world heritage site, it unfolds many mysteries about the architectural excellence of those days.

Chilika Lake

This largest coastal lake of India and Asia’s largest in-land salt water lagoon makes you contended with delight. This huge lake has many islands treasuring many beautiful assets. The migratory birds visit the Nalaban forests around the lake all the way from regions like Siberia for nesting during the winters, the lake also proudly flaunts the ‘bird island’ which is extremely popular amongst the tourists for its rich aquatic life and an impressive population of the native and the migratory birds. The Kalijai island is famous for the temple of goddess Kalijai. Satapada houses the astonishing Chilika Dolphins in their natural abode. Parikud and Malud are the other islands while Brahmaputra is known for its scenic beauty.


The state capital houses many places of tourist attraction. It is the site for many ancient temples, the prominent ones amongst them being the Lingaraj Temple, which was built in the medieval period, when the architecture was in its zenith in Orissa. Lord Shiva is worshipped in this temple made up of granites. The 7th century Parshurameshwar temple is one of the oldest temples in Bhubaneshwar. The Rajarani Temple is popularly known as the love temple because of the graceful sculptors of females and couples carved on the temple wall. The 10th century Mukteshwar temples are the classic examples of Orissan Architecture. The city also has a state museum showcasing coins, stone inscriptions paintings and other articles of historical significance. You can explore the art works of Orissa in the Handicrafts Museum of Bhubaneshwar. The city also has many parks and a zoo for your kids.

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves

Located at distance of 6 kilometres this is the site for the caves on the hilltops of Udayagiri earlier known as Kumari Parvata and Khandgiri known as Kumara Parvata. There are 33 2nd century built caves built by King Kharavela of Chedi dynasty. Rani Gumpha, Hathi Gumpha, Bagh Gumpha and Ajanta Gumpha are the impressive caves, with symbols of Jain religion and paintings depicting the glory of the kings, on their walls.