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Frequently Asked Questions

# What time check-in and check-out?

Generally hotel rooms are available from 9am, as the check out time is 8am ,it takes some time to get the room cleaned and ready for next arrivals.

# Handicapped-friendly stay possible?

Yes, Hotel has handicapped rooms with appropriate accessible equipment. You can see on photo gallery of suites.

# Parking available?

Yes, sufficient parking space available and is safe with surveillance system.
Parking reservation possible?
No, it is on the spot parking on first come first serve basis.

# Reception opening hours?

The reception is open 24 hours and our colleagues will be at your service day and night.

# Meal booking online and at what does it cost?

Buffet breakfast is already included in the rate. For hotels or rates, which do not have breakfast included, there is of course the possibility to book it online. Please choose the requested meals after choosing the hotel room. The costs for breakfast depend on the hotel and may vary from Rs200-350 per person.

# Is half or full board available?

Yes, you can either book the meals after choosing a room or you can book directly one of the attractive arrangements, where usually a dinner is already included.

# Can I bring my pet?

No, The Hotel doesn’t allow pet inside.

# Where can I see the hotel rates? / How much is a room/night?

Our rates are calculated on a daily basis. Therefore we cannot give you a general overview of costs. But you can easily enter the arrival dates in our booking engine and our system will search the best available rates for you.

# Are the rates per person or per room?

All prices, unless stated otherwise, are on a per-room-basis.

# Why do the costs vary from day to day?

For one reason they may vary because of fair dates or other high season dates. Other reasons could be that the prices have increased since your last visit on our website. Generally rates will increase, the longer you wait with your booking.

# How can I see the different rates?

As soon as you have chosen a hotel and have entered all travel dates, you will see our rate grid, which will show the lowest available rates for each category. You have then the option to display all available rates by clicking on a room category.

# How many rooms can be booked at once?

For each reservation you can book up to 4 rooms online. If you require more rooms, please contact our service center or the hotel.

# How can I see which features are included in the price?

A detailed overview will be shown beneath the rate grid, if you click on a rate or category. The rate description will show every included service.

# Can I book without credit card?

When booking the daily rate you will generally have the option to book without credit card. Your room will be reserved until 12 Noon on the day of arrival. If you do not check in prior to 12Noon, your reservation will be cancelled automatically without charge. In case of delay please inform us prior to 12Noon. If you no longer require the room we would appreciate it if you would advise us. Other rates can only be booked with credit cards.

# Which online payment methods do you offer?

At the moment, you can only pay by credit card, NEFT or if you choose a daily rate by paying at the hotel.

# For how many persons I can make a reservation? Are bookings for groups possible online?

You can book up to 3 persons per room and up to 5rooms per reservation. If you require rooms for more persons, please contact the hotel directly.

# Is my credit card being charged at time of booking?

If you book a rate with a deposit policy, such as the Early Bird rate, we will charge your credit card at time of booking. If you provide your credit card only as a guarantee, we will not charge it, but will only reserve the amount by our credit card system Concardis.

# Which credit cards are accepted?

We accept credit cards from MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Diners Club Card is not accepted.

# By when do I have to cancel my booking, if I have to?

This depends on which rate or arrangement you have booked. You can see the cancellation policy in the rate description and on your reservation confirmation.

# Where can I see the booking conditions?

The booking conditions will be shown in the booking process under “details”. You will also find them on your booking confirmation.

# Why did I not receive a booking confirmation?

In very rare cases, it may happen that you do not receive a booking confirmation due to technical issues, although you preceded the booking until the end and the amount has been reserved on your credit card. In this case, please contact our service center or the hotel, which can re-send your confirmation.

# Can I check-in without my reservation number / Confirmation voucher?

Yes, in case you forgot your reservation number, you can check-in anyway by stating for which name the booking has been made.