The restaurant offers a wide range of Cuisines that will leave a long lasting impression on your taste buds. Enjoy your food along with a panoramic view of the sea while soaking in the blending of modern and contemporary architectures. Our Chefs are of one of the best brands in eastern India and can brew highly palatable continental as well as the Indian Food. In addition to that there are the amazing desserts of Orissa which are highly potent to exert a spellbinding influence upon the guests.


Spice Route

‘Spice Route’ is based on the fascinating journey in search of the finest and exotic spices and herbs. It takes you through the mesmerising spices, mixes and local produce like the Bengali “five spice” Panch phoran, kasundi mustard and Gondhoraj lemon. A chef accompanies the guest.

Puri Mahaprasad

Viticulture in India has a long history dating back to the time of the Indus Valley civilization when grapevines were believed to have been introduced from Persia. If you want to experience firsthand the Indian wine growth story and taste some of the finest Indian labels, your quest would end here. Time to become a sommelier and also understand pairing with food.